Misguided Facebook Post

If we had been friends…

Well, if we had been friends I would have counseled you not to.
I would have told you not to go on social media and attack a lump of dirt. I would have reminded you that, after all, ultimately, that is what we all amount to.  One lump of dirt name-calling another lump of dirt holds no value.  I would have advised against calling anyone a snake on Facebook.
Were we friends, I would have warned that doing so would make you look like less of a man.  After all, a snake is another name for the devil.  As you know the devil is called the Father of lies. If we were friends I would have gently but firmly reminded you that although I believe your attacker was misguided and ultimately wrong in the way he treated you, I have never known him to tell a blatant lie.
I would have given you the look.  You know the one.  That look that reminds you that you have struggled with honesty many times and therefore probably should not “cast a stone”.
As I am sure you know, God tells us that “He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin”.
I cannot tell you if your accuser knows that his treatment of you and others has been wrong.
What I do know is that you know your treatment of him and others is and continues to be wrong. I know this because you told me with your own words. I know this because God outlines how we are to treat others in his Word.  And the others that you have wronged did not take to social media and call you a snake…
If I were your friend, I would have admonished you not to seek validation through social media.  If your goal was to convict this person and cause him to consider his actions you fell quite short of the goal.  I suspect, however, that your goal was less noble.  My guess is that you were wounded and you were simply venting and feeling the need to get your side out and rally support.
If we had been friends, I would have told you just how petty this  would make you look.  I would have gently reminded you how you sat quietly and defended no one as the same man attacked others.  Even those who rallied around your post on Facebook and left you encouraging comments could not count on your loyalty or a word in their defense when they were likewise treated.
If we were friends, I would have pointed out that your own fear and inability to make a stand when it will cost you personally, actually led to your own demise.  You see, all that is needed for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing.
No, if we were friends I would have admonished you to realize that to chastise that person publicly for his treatment of you while in the act of treating others with more disdain and less compassion than he did you is not only narrow minded, but could actually bring God’s judgement as it represents iniquity in the truest sense of the word.
If we were friends, I would have offered no platitudes of mock comfort.  As your friend I would have offered unconditional support and encouragement while pushing you to address your own issues with “snake-like tendencies”
If we were friends, I would have read out loud (to you) your public accusation of another.
If I were your friend, when we reached the part in your social media outcry where you implore “How could someone I thought was my friend treat me this way”, someone that you had been loyal to, when you had done nothing to deserve this treatment….I would have…. as your friend …laughed my ass off. I might have, as your friend, suggested that God had answered someone else’s prayer and was showing you how it feels…
I would have laughed so loud and so hard that with tears streaming down my face due to the absolute absurdity and irony in such a question …as your friend ..I would have fallen off my chair. Do unto others and all that.
As your friend, I would have given you the benefit of the doubt yet pushed you to be a better man.
But, if we were friends it would imply that you wanted people in your life who are capable and willing to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
If we were friends, I would have expected you to be a man worthy of that friendship…
Worthy of Christ’s friendship…
The man I know you can be..
Not the man you have proven yourself to be thus far..
But , alas, this matters not…
It could only have mattered, it could only have made a difference in how others see you, How God sees you and ultimately how you will see yourself, it could only have impacted your life…
If we were friends…
How often do we use social media to further our own agendas? Personal battles?
If we were friends, I would admonish you to always look inward first, realizing that rarely will we discover that we are not guilty of the very thing that is aggravating us with others.
Today, choose to take the high road.  Choose to encourage rather than attack. Mom said it best:”If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”.

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