Many of us, deep down inside, really don’t believe that we are worthy. We feel that we are just not good enough to actually receive the bounty that we originally envisioned for our lives. The day to day struggles and frustrations of this life wear us down into a submissive acceptance of mediocrity.

It has been said that if we believe it, we can achieve it!  I have found this statement to be accurate for my life as well as countless other students who have come to me seeking answers. Unfortunately, it has proven just as true when the same quote is stated What we believe, we will achieve.  Because we embrace the belief that we are undeserving and that the best we can do is to just play the hand we have been dealt, we actually sentence ourselves to the mediocre existence that chaffs us to our very core.  We sit in the muck of our circumstances and choices, and we watch as others soar to heights that we once believed that we too could attain. Subconsciously we tell ourselves:

That person must know the right people.

They have money or talents that I don’t have.

They haven’t had to face the challenges in life that I have had to face.

IF I were thin, rich, a different race, had different parents, didn’t have a certain health issue…well then, things would be different.

Sadly, the truth is, we will all achieve EXACTLY what we believe.  I spend my life helping others to change their belief patterns and begin the journey to a more complete and contented life.

There is still so much for us to believe in…Today, however, let’s just start with one tiny step.  Today, could you for one moment lay aside all of your self doubts and fears, all of your perceived limitations, and for just one second ask yourself What if?

What if the next 5, 10 or 20 years could be your best ever? What would that look like? Picture that future. Visualize that future, meditate on exactly what you would paint that picture to be if you were the artist.

Now, with whatever faith you can muster in yourself and this new vision clearly seen in your mind’s eye, I encourage you to take this one small step.


Click on this little icon and download my free Goals and Commitments worksheets.

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Print those babies out and then break your new vision into tiny actionable and achievable increments. I use this same concept to continually push myself and my students forward.

You have also heard That the journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.  Your future awaits., are you courageous enough to step forward?


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