She Bloomed~A lesson in Worth

My husband recently took a business trip to Arizona. One of the many pictures he sent me on his journey was this:



His caption read  Flowering Heather.

My response was “A weed…with blossoms, that sounds about right.”

To this he replied, “A beautiful flower, finding a way to bloom, even on a granite surface.”  Now this was very sweet of him and what I consider to be a great compliment.

Now look at that picture. It absolutely amazes me. Not because it is the most beautiful plant that I have ever seen. Not because it bares my name and not due to any outward aesthetic. Look at the seemingly harsh environment that surrounds  this plant. Out of a bed of granite, all alone and judged for her beauty or lack thereof by all who pass her, she blooms. Everything that she needs in order to become the plant she was made to be, to complete her purpose on this planet, exists inside. And she is fulfilling that purpose, seemingly, against the odds.

Do you think this little flower is thinking:

Well, that guy didn’t think I was pretty enough to pick.

My life is too hard, other plants have it easier.

These granite rocks don’t like me.

As soon as the weather changes or the sun shines more or this soil quality improves, then I will become a better flower.

I need to go to the bookstore and get a self-help book on how to see myself as a pretty plant not just a weed.

If I can just change how the others see me I can finally be the flower I was meant to be.

Yes, I know, as far as science has discovered thus far, plants don’t think.  But, truth is truth.  An acorn has everything that it needs to become the mighty oak. Flowering Heather, regardless of her environment has everything that she needs to complete her purpose, and she has it already contained, on the inside. Life is designed that way.

You were designed that way. You have, contained with in you already, everything that you require to be everything that you were designed to be.

Self-worth is the belief that you are complete, that you are more than enough exactly as you are, right now, today. Your ability to succeed is unchanging and unconditional. Yes, you will have to grow and adapt, much like the mighty oak that leans toward the sunshine in an effort to stay mighty and the flowering heather that must push roots deep into the soil to reach the life giving water beneath the granite rock.

When you truly embrace your capacity for an abundant life on a daily basis, you, like the acorn can grow into the purpose you were created for, a metaphorical oak. However, when you let your circumstances, fears, conditions and surroundings dictate your capacity you render yourself unworthy.

If you feel that you are broken, needing to be fixed then you are looking outside yourself for something to strive for and attain in order to reach your potential.

I suggest that God designed you already containing everything that you need to live your purpose. To live a fulfilling and contented life, to be great, to have true self worth is already available to each and everyone. God designed everything that way. How do I know this about God?  Because, I too have struggled with fear, failures and the opinions of others. I too have allowed those things to keep me from embracing all that God had for me.

I have been down the path.

At times I have allowed circumstances to keep me from my greatness. I, like you, like everyone else, had to make a choice. Am I worthy or worthless?

When you leave this world will people say of you “Out of a bed of granite, all alone at times, judged harshly at other times, facing the realities of this world she recognized her own greatness and she bloomed!

Your greatness, your worth, is already there. Are you ready to believe? Are you ready to bloom?

Colorful purple summer heather
Colorful purple summer heather blooming in a crevasse in lichen covered rocks, close up view


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