Human beings cringe when we hear the word law. We don’t embrace strict rules. Like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, we much prefer guidelines or suggestions. Something designed into our very core causes us to automatically reject rules and those that would attempt to enforce those rules. You know what it is like, that feeling that rises up inside when the flashing lights of a police officer in your rearview mirror threaten to ruin your day. Sure, we were in a hurry and driving ten miles over the posted legal speed. But there are serious crimes being committed out there and this cop has nothing better to do than harass a law abiding citizen like yourself? We are all guilty of this thinking. Even those of us who attempt to show the officer respect and accept our ticket with some semblance of maturity drive away feeling as if we have been treated unfairly. Others of us will spend a huge portion of our day explaining why the ticket was unfair, (how the cop was actually in the wrong) and determining how to fight the citation in court. Reactions to a traffic stop can range from a speeding ticket to gun play and actual death. However (in most cases) the truth is, a law was broken; you broke it. There are consequences for breaking laws. You chose to drive ten miles an hour over the posted legal speed, you chose to not show up in court, you chose to rob a bank, you chose to drink and drive, you chose your actions; you were, therefore, saying that you were willing to accept the consequences of those actions.

One of my girls attended a college where certain movies were against the schools listed rules. She asked me on one occasion if I thought it would be ok for her to watch one such movie in the dorm with her roommates. I explained that her dad and I had no problem with that movie and we felt it was completely acceptable for her to watch with her friends. I also explained that her dad and I do not make the rules for the institution that she was attending. I wanted her to understand that, by breaking the rule, she would be saying that she was ready to accept the consequences of her actions regardless of the severity. She and her friends watched the movie. They were caught and had to go before the discipline committee. She called to let me know that she had been reprimanded and wanted to know if I was mad. I informed her I wasn’t mad. She did the crime, she did the time. She accepted the consequences of her actions.

In the climate of our current world there are those lining up against law enforcement. I am not implying that police officers are not capable of committing atrocious acts. They are and they have, just like the rest of us. The point of my writing is always the same. I want to inspire myself and others to look inward. If you find yourself against ALL law enforcement, I must suggest that your issue is not with “bad cops”. Your issue might be with authority. You might have a problem with someone having the right to tell you that you are wrong. You might kick against the thought that someone has the right to to hold you accountable for your actions. If this is you, then I suggest you do another litmus test.

Do you accept the authority of God? Whether or not you acknowledge Him, He is. He created you and everything you know, He made the rules. He decides the consequences. This is why some of you refuse to believe, and this is why some of you have walked away from a God you once loved. It is not because you are smarter than those of us who place our faith in Christ. You are gambling that the rest of us are wrong and that there is no one that will hold you accountable for your actions. That is a big gamble.

Allow me to get this part out of the way. I love God. When I say God, I am referring to the Creator of everything that is and everything that ever will be. I am referring to the Heavenly Father of my Savior, Jesus Christ; the God that sent His only begotten Son to die in my stead on a cross, so that I would not need to pay for my own sin debt. He was my sacrifice, restoring me to a relationship with our Father so that I would live in fellowship with Him for eternity. God designed this plan for all of us. Regardless of race, political affiliation, sexual preference, or your disregard for authority. The invitation is there for all who will simply acknowledge His authority and accept His free gift of salvation. In the movie, National Treasure, Detective Sadusky asks Ben what he wants out of the deal for returning the Declaration of Independance. Ben replies, ” I would really like to not go to jail”. The Detective says, “Somebody’s gotta go to jail, Ben.” The truth is, according to God’s word, somebody is going to pay the debt owed for your inability to live up to His Glory. Somebody is “going to jail” for breaking God’s laws. We can pay our own debt, or we can accept that Christ paid it for us and accept Him as the Savior He was sent to be.

Your refusal to accept the police officer’s authority will not keep him from ticketing you or taking you to jail. Your rejection of God’s authority does not alter His authority, anymore than your failure to accept the law of gravity will keep you from falling to your death if you jump off of the Empire State Building. In our analogy, when that police officer hands you your speeding ticket, Jesus steps up and pays it for you. God’s word does NOT teach that you must be living perfectly to believe or to walk with Him daily. It only requires that you humble yourself enough to know that you deserve “the ticket” (consequences ) of your actions and that you acknowledge Christ’s authority and the fact that He paid for those consequences for you.

I teach my yoga students that you cannot learn yoga without doing yoga. It does not matter how many books and articles you read or how many questions you ask. In the same way, you cannot understand what it is to walk with Christ until you accept Him. I encourage you to look inward and assess whether or not you have an authority issue. Determine why you are rejecting God’s authority in your life. Make a plan to correct any issues. Reach out to someone who is willing to talk and withhold judgement if you have questions.

Seek enlightenment always.




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