How Christians can respond to the church shooting in Texas.


My heart, like many of yours, broke this Sunday when the news broke of a mass shooting taking place at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. As a ministry worker, I can assure you this act has repercussions that will be long reaching. The how, why, where and what of church attendance will forever be changed. I believe that many of us who hadn’t sought license yet will begin the process of obtaining the permit to carry a weapon… on our person…even in church. Many who have, up until now, left their guns at home will feel compelled to protect what they cherish. Perhaps this is a necessary step to secure our friends and family as the persecution of Christ’s church increases.

The Church. This is the place where healing and forgiveness are to take place. This is where we, as believers, go to feel safe. This is the hospital that offers the only medicine with which to heal our nation, our homes and ourselves. Make no mistake, this is where satan is taking the battle.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood.”  We have all heard it preached from pulpits across this nation. But, will we now, as the attacks start to hit closer to home, will Christians realize that the battle has already begun. Persecution of the church has been taking place since it’s establishment. Now, as our nation turns from God, we will continue to see the mortars from the raging war landing closer to our families, homes and churches. What will those of us that profess Christ do to engage the enemy.

As American Christians we have the right to legally obtain and carry a gun to protect ourselves and our families. I believe we all should.

As Children of God, We have the right to go boldly to the throne of grace and pray. Pray for Texas, pray for those families who were caught in the middle of a spiritual battle and they are paying the ultimate price. Pray and ask God to forgive our cowardice. Ask Him to forgive us for not answering the  call of a battle that we were all enlisted to fight. Those of you who are saying “what do you mean?” I’m glad you asked.

As born again believers we ALL have the COMMAND to go and tell others of the love of a Savior that can extinguish all death and all darkness. Some of us, accepted Christ and then “went to Canada”. We wanted to play it safe. We wanted to be as far away from the war as possible. The war is here. We cannot hide behind “not being offensive” any longer. Had you known about the attack on the church  in time to warn those who lost their lives, would you have done anything to save those dear people from those moments of terror? If you are a Christian, then you know about the terror that is coming for all who do not accept Christ. We have the ability to warn others.

My challenge is this: Re-engage the enemy.

I have personally entered into a covenant with God to lead at least 26 people to Christ over the next two weeks. One person for every saint that lost their physical life in Texas. If even just 1000 Christians would make the same commitment we can alter the story. 26,000 reached for Christ as a result of Texas. No, we cannot undo the pain and destruction that was inflicted on God’s people but we can honor their memory. We can change the bi-line from “26 victims gunned down at a church in texas” to ” 26 Christians martyred, sparking revival across the nation”.

I am asking all of you to join me. This is how we re-engage the enemy. This is how we fight back. This is how we honor a family gunned down while sitting in church. This is how pay tribute to a pastor and his family who lost their 14 year old daughter.

Please, join me over the next two weeks. You will have to be uncomfortable. You will have to change your schedule. You might have to seek out someone else who knows how to lead someone to Christ so that you can learn. You will have to pray. You will have to go. Will you join me? Please let me know if you are willing. I will be praying that God blesses your courage.

Help me change the ending of the story.



It amazes me how God can, and often does, choose to teach us His truths using whatever method or tool that we are open to at the present moment. In the three decades that I have been a Christian, God has guided me through His Word, His Spirit, and His people teaching and preaching his truths. Through books, magazines, music, strangers, friends and even in business meetings, I have gleaned life changing insights.  First and foremost this is because I choose to put my faith in the person of Jesus Christ and He has promised to never leave me nor forsake me. I believe that this promise is why He chooses to guide me using any and all methods. The most recent avenue of His guidance has been through the authentic teachings of yoga. I imagine He is utilizing this teaching avenue because He knows all too well that I have closed myself off from many of the traditional models that served me well for many years. I am no longer interested in following anyone who seems to lead with their ego. Men and women who make their decisions through the lens of their emotions, feelings, traditions and the past teachings of previous mentors, while blatantly disregarding God’s Word as the final authority. Leaders that leave their followers questioning if they have any worth when it comes to the ministry or christianity, or in life period, have, in my opinion, failed to recognize Christ’s teachings on leadership. Authority figures that act as if the position Christ has allowed them to fill grants them all power and all insight.  You can discern quickly if you have been asked to follow this type of person. This leader cannot answer the hard questions. In fact, they behave as if you have no right to question them in the first place. They will avoid the question. They will attempt to divert from the question. They will simply ignore the question. But, if all of this fails and you push for an answer they will rely on some version of the response “because I said so”, “because I’m the Pastor” or “because this is my church”.  In my 48 years on this planet, history has proven that when an authority (whether in the secular field or christian) gets to this place, their business or ministry is decaying rapidly. I am not judging these folk. Christ has said that He has sheep “that are not of this fold”, and I am content to leave it with Him. I am not willing to subject myself or loved ones to these people, after witnessing time and again the havoc that they wreak in the lives of the righteous and unrighteous alike.

I seek enlightenment. My Saviour has promised this very thing in His Word. He promises in Matthew 11 that if we come unto Him He will give us comfort. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Enlightenment. To ease the burden. To cease to carry the heaviness that this world has to offer. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Yet, many Christians are bent low under the weight of life. Worries, fears, and anxiety does not sound very enlightened to me. I am on a path to enlightenment, but not in a mystical way. Daily I am being taught how to reduce the burdens that I have been carrying. Moment by moment I am learning to be enlightened as Christ is enlightened and many of my lessons are coming through the teachings of authentic yoga.

I invite you on my journey to enlightenment. How great would it be to reduce some(if not all) of the burdens that you now carry? Authentic Yoga is like Christianity in that the principles work for anyone that will apply them. Regardless of your religious affiliation to this point. Regardless of your history. Regardless of how another human being has made you feel.

Today, start by repeating this mantra to yourself:


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