heartbreak-creative-timber-wallpapers-hd-1280x720I’ve known Heather for many years, but unfortunately, due to her family moving away I’d not really kept in contact too much. I very recently went through a bad break up with someone I loved.I contacted Heather hoping to get some advice on how to deal with what I was feeling, but I got a lot more than I asked for.I had no idea that she had become a personal growth mentor and was really happy to start sessions with her. I went in hoping to get help dealing with heartbreak, but in the few sessions I have had so far I have learned a lot more about myself which has helped me deal with the pain that I felt in my heart. People who I work with have noticed a change.I look forward to growing as a person thanks to our sessions.

J. Stark


Help with Heartbreak

On June 6, 2014 I met Heather for the first time. She joined our group with the goal of taking us to the next level as a store. We were already a dedicated, hard working team, but we were really a group of well-meaning individuals trying to run a million dollar store. Heather began the process of studying each staff member. She would learn our strengths and our weaknesses, studying each person until she was able to coach them into better, more capable people.

Heather created a work environment that was fun, yet maintained accountability. She never saw just a “big business” trying to be successful. She taught and lived that by each person growing and becoming successful the company would automatically become successful. She was loyal to a fault, not only to the company philosophies but to the individual team member as well, a quality I had never witnessed. She also maintained a loyalty to herself and her own principles, not wanting to even appear unethical in any situation.

With her guidance we did take the store to the next level, and many levels after that. However, more importantly, anyone that was coachable grew in ability and confidence, professionally and personally , and most continue to maintain contact and reach out to her even now. Those who were not coachable and had to leave our team also continue to maintain contact with Heather and that , I believe, says much about her abilities as a mentor.

Palm Harbor Florida



Building The Best Team

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