My Goal, both as a writer and a mentor, is to meet an individual where they are currently, in each aspect of their life.  This allows me to concentrate on each person’s areas of interest as well as their individual concerns.

While it is true that we have all arrived on this planet with many details of our lives predetermined (genetic makeup, family and culture to name just a few), it is equally true that who we are and who we become will be determined by our decision-making process and how we conduct ourselves throughout our day-to-day lives.

It is my belief that we can, through introspection, come to understand ourselves on a much deeper level. As we become familiar with our true self, we can alter our actions, affecting positive change in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Many of our habits, thought patterns, processes and coping mechanisms have been ingrained, through repetition, since early childhood. Even though many of these have proven to be sub-optimal for our emotional and physical well-being, we continue to practice them regularly.  The thought process being one of, Well, my method has gotten me this far.

Continually reinforcing negative habits through constant repetition inhibits our personal growth. Imprisoning us, ironically, behind the very bars that we set in place.

With focused attention outward, dwelling on how another has failed, misused, abused, and hurt us,  we go through life virtually unaware of how it is the repetitive and oftentimes detrimental nature of our own choices and actions that has wreaked the most havoc in our lives.

It is for this reason I teach that the starting point to any and all growth, whether emotional, physical or spiritual, only begins when we turn our gaze inward.

My goal, my passion, is to come alongside you and help you to recognize the patterns that have lead you to  your present condition, to reinforce any that are helping you to achieve your best and identifying and altering those that are hindering you from becoming your best self.

No success in life will bring you more happiness or contentment than learning to identify your authentic self, and learning to alter your actions so that the person you see in the mirror is one that you can respect.

My mantra is, Self awareness is the key to any self transformation.  Together we will strive, not for perfection, but to continually adapt and progress to a better and more rewarding existence.


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