Individual Support

I have spent the last two years struggling through a separation/divorce, along with raising three beautiful kids. Heather has helped me navigate this tumultuous time by guiding me, comforting me, and most importantly supporting me in my feelings and concerns. Had I not had her support on this journey I believe I would have found myself in a dark spot, unable to recover.I am so grateful that God placed her in my life. I was in need of guidance and she was happily there each step of the way. Through attempt after attempt to salvage my marriage and the eventual demise of the same, Heather would listen, encourage, guide and help me to reframe my view.  Yes, my future looks different now than I had planned, but it is still going to be gloriously bright! Heather always says we have to embrace the altered path and step by step…I will.


O. Hunt

Brandon, Florida